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The Information Conservancy

Walk into the average office and it is hard to miss the signs of information overload--bulging in-boxes, desks without an inch of free space, shelves weighted down with books and notebooks, and files so full no one can add or remove one more piece of paper.

Take a look at the average network and you'll find warning signs of pending doom--folders with staff names, document names that limit searching capabilities, duplicates everywhere even though originals are accessible centrally, and email boxes with hundreds of old messages that may contain important information that will never be archived.

Most organizations have as many filing systems as there are members of the staff. Each time an employee leaves an organization, their successor inherits a system they do not understand and valuable information is lost forever.

Information conservation is an effective approach to paper and electronic document management based on a system of standards every office can incorporate. The principles of information conservation teach your staff how to share, and how to learn and unlearn habits that put information at risk. Information conservation teaches you how to name documents and files and where to save them.

Information Conservancy helps organizations develop and implement the principles of information conservation. We encourage offices to take ownership of the vital information they need so that information is preserved and easy to find. Through an information audit, we identify areas that need improvement and develop a plan to put your files and documents in order.